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Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Election 2017 Opinion Poll

Opinion Poll Gujarat Vidhan Sabha 2017

Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 Opinion Poll are there for all of you. Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Election 2017 Opinion Poll has been conducted between 1 sep to 25 September 2017 by Digital planet survey, This survey show the sure shot win of BJP In Gujarat Elections 2017 in this Opinion Poll. We will also show the Gujarat election Opinion poll 2017 of different survey agencies and media houses, main are TIMES NOW VMR, India News-MRC,  ABP-CSDS, India TV-C Voter and News 24 Chanakya. In this opinion poll of Gujarat elections we ignore the impact of Hardik Patel (If he joint hand with congress).

Cast Wise Opinion Poll Of Gujarat Election 2017

Caste-community Intentions of Voters
Upper caste Strongly with BJP
Patels Strongly with BJP
Kshatriya Strongly with BJP
Kolis Very Strongly with BJP
Other OBCs Strongly with BJP
Dalits Dalits are divided in Gujarat 60% with Congress and 35 % with BJP
Tribals Now With BJP, used to be with Cong before 2014
Muslims With Congress, but BJP making inroads

Main thing in this survey is that there no anti incomebancy in Gujarat election 2017 opinion poll against BJP. 68 percent voter said that are fully satisfied with state BJP Government  and PM Modi impact is also there 75 percent Gujarati voter give their vote BJP only for the face of Modi, 80 percent voter support the modi govt for their decision of Note Bandi and 40 percent voter are with decision of implement GST.

So according our survey reports BJP will Get 140-150 seats in Gujarat and Congress will get 30 to 45 Seats in Gujarat Election 2017.   

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