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Anarkali of Arrah Releasing Date Star Cast And Story

Anarkali of Arrah is the upcoming movie of gorgeous actress Swara Bhaskar. Anarkali of Arrah movie is all set to release on 24th march 2017. The star cast of this movie is Swara Bhaskar ,Sanjay Mishra,Pankaj Tripathi ,Ishtiyak Khan.Writter/director of this movie is Avinash Das and the producer is Priya Kapoor ,Sandeep Kapoor.Swara Bhaskar plays lead role in this film.

Release Date of Anarkali of Arrah  :-  Anarkali of Arrah is releasing worldwide on 24th March 2017.

Star Cast of Anarkali of Arrah :- Swara Bhaskar is in the main lead role of this movie. Sanjay Mishra,Pankaj Tripathi and Ishtiyak Khan also have important roles in Anarkali of Arrah.

Story or Plot :- ‘Anarkali of Arrah’ is the story of an female singer played by Swara Bhaskar who hails from Arrah in Bihar and is popular for her songs bcoz she sings only double meaning songs. She is the star performer of her team and is very confident of her success.

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